Horizon Crest Community Association


Welcome to the website home of Horizon Crest Community Association (HCCA).

We aim to enhance our neighborhood and make it a better place to live for everybody. Look around and learn more about the Horizon Crest neighborhood and the HCCA association.

Annual Meeting

  1. The annual meeting of the Horizon Crest Community Association will be Tuesday, January 25 via Zoom. The Zoom Meeting link is below.
    6:30 to 7:00 PM: Bellevue Police Department South Sector Captain Alycia McKinney and Crime Prevention Officer Ruby Daly will share tips on staying safe in the neighborhood and answer residents’ questions.
    7:00 to 8:00 PM: The business meeting of the HCCA. The agenda is
    1. President’s Opening Remarks
    2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (attached)
    3. Treasurer’s Report (attached)
    4. Reports of Directors and Committees
    5. Unfinished Business
    6. Elections
    7. New Business
      1. Disband Code and Covenants Advisory Committee
    8. Adjournment

Missed Garbage Pickups

Greetings Neighbors,

With two missed garbage/recycling pickups, you can either wait until next Tuesday for pickup of up to three times your normal amounts, or you can drop off today only until 3:00 PM at Bannerwood Sports Park: 1790 Richards Road



Possible Snow

With the potential for snow on Saturday and Monday, PLEASE do not park in the street. Vehicles parked in the street make it difficult for snow plows to work and they might skip our neighborhood (it has happened before). Thank you!