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Welcome to Horizon Crest

Entrance Island Rock

Welcome to the Horizon Crest Community Association news and activities site! This site holds all the information you will need to know about our organization and your neighborhood.

The HCCA was established first and foremost to uphold our covenants, encourage community pride and safety, better awareness of your neighbors, and provide a helpful forum for the discussion and resolution of concerns as they relate to our community. You are the heart of HCCA. Welcome!


Revised Bylaws

The HCCA Board has recommended a revision to the bylaws to emphasize the voluntary nature of the HCCA, and clarifying the HCCA’s advisory role. We have scheduled an HCCA General Meeting for Monday May 14 at 6:30 PM to vote on the revisions. The location of the General Meeting will be announced. Only paid HCCA members may vote.

The proposed bylaws with all revisions incorporated are here.

The proposed bylaws with all revisions from the last-approved 2006 marked are here.


2018 Membership Dues are Due Now!

Hi Neighbors! It's time to pay your annual association dues. You can click on the Buy Now button on the right, or mail a check to the address on the right.

Some of the benefits of the $35 HCCA annual dues for every homeowner are:

Encourages the protection of neighborhood property values

  • Maintains main islands and assists with community island maintenance
  • Matching Fund grants for neighborhood improvements
  • Organizes and supports annual clean-ups
  • Provides information to real estate agents and potential home buyers that assist in future sales
  • Interprets Bylaws & Covenants
  • Assists in mediation and resolution of neighborhood issues with the support of Bellevue Mediation
  • Neighborhood advocate with the City of Bellevue for sidewalk improvements, snow removal and sanding of streets, street lights, signage, police and emergency response, traffic speed enforcement

Organizes Neighborhood Events and Meetings

  • Annual General Membership and other meetings
  • Annual Picnic
  • Clean-up Day(s) with yard waste dumpsters

Communication to All Neighbors

  • Website
  • Welcome Packet
  • Neighborhood Maps
  • City of Bellevue brochures and information
  • HCCA Phone Directory/Roster
  • Association information
  • Email announcements and bulletins
  • Posting signage in the neighborhood

We strongly encourage all residents to sign up at It is a vibrant community of neighbors in Horizon Crest and other nearby neighborhoods.

Only verified residents using real names are included, so the discourse is civil. City agencies (Police, etc.) can post notices, but not read other resident posts. There is lots of information on current events, notices of community-wide interest, and classifieds. If you choose to get a daily digest, you'll get only one email a day.

HCCA has no relationship with, we just appreciate it's role in keeping neighbors connected and informed.


Stay Informed

Don't be left behind. We want to keep you updated on HCCA events and happenings. Please check your contact information in our directory under the Membership section of this site. To make changes submit now. Thank you.


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