Dues are $35 per year payable each February 1st. You can check the status of your dues payment in this report.

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HCCA Membership Benefits

  • Encourages the protection of neighborhood property values
    1. Maintains landscaping on the main island and assists with community island maintenance
    2. Matching Fund grants for neighborhood improvements
    3. Provides information to real estate agents and potential home buyers that assist in future sales
    4. Assists in interpretation of Covenants (CC&Rs) and Bellevue City codes
    5. Assists in mediation and resolution of neighborhood issues with the support of Bellevue Conflict Resolution
    6. Neighborhood advocate with the City of Bellevue for sidewalk improvements, snow removal and sanding of streets, street lights, signage, police and emergency response, traffic speed enforcement
  • Organizes Neighborhood Events and Meetings
    1. Annual General Membership and other meetings
    2. Annual Picnic
  • Communication to All Neighbors
    1. Website
    2. Neighborhood Maps
    3. Resident Phone Directory/Roster
    4. Association information
    5. Email announcements and bulletins
    6. Posting signage in the neighborhood