HCCA Bylaws

As Amended May 14, 2018

Article I – The Corporation

Section 1. The Corporation shall be known as Horizon Crest Community Association (Association), with objects and purposes as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and these bylaws.

Section 2. For the purpose of these bylaws and the operation of the Association, the collective properties within the bounds of plats known as Eaglesmere Divisions 2, 3, 4 and 5 as they are recorded in King County, in the state of Washington, shall be known as the Horizon Crest Community.

Section 3. The Corporation’s fiscal year shall be February 1 to January 31.

Article II – Statement of Purpose

Section 1. The Association is established to encourage community pride, awareness of each other as neighbors, and as a forum for the discussion and resolution of concerns relative to the presentation of our community, to safety concerns and to other items of general community interest.

Section 2. The Association is separate and distinct from any person or entity referenced in the Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of the Eaglesmere Divisions. No duties, responsibilities, powers or authorities of the CC&Rs shall be inferred to be vested with the Association.

Section 3. In matters of conflict among owners or residents, the Association may act in an advisory capacity to help resolve the conflict. Neither the Association, its officers, board of directors, committees, members nor any person or entity of the Association shall have any enforcement powers whatsoever.

Article III – Membership

Section 1. There shall be two grades of membership, as follows:
a. Member: Any person owning a lot within the Horizon Crest Community is eligible for the grade of Member, with all of the rights and privileges thereof. In the case of a couple, family, or other group, the total shall be considered as one Member.
b. Associate Member: Any person residing within the Horizon Crest Community but not owning the said property, is eligible for the grade of Associate Member. Associate Members may participate in all activities of the Association except that they will have no vote and may not hold any elected position in the Association.

Section 2. The General Membership of the Association shall be those eligible candidates, as provided in this Article, who have paid the Association dues. Membership shall be for a period of one year, the Association’s fiscal year, in which dues were received, and shall be recorded by the resident’s name and property address.

Section 3. Membership in the Association is voluntary. Membership is terminated by voluntary withdrawal, failure to pay dues or by failure to continue to qualify for membership as defined in this Article.

Article IV – Rights and Duties

Section 1. Each Member shall have one vote on all matters and elections presented at any meeting of the General Membership. The vote of any Member may be exercised by any of the persons in whose name the membership stands.

Section 2. Any Member is eligible for election to any Association position on the Board of Directors or committee.

Section 3. Each Member and Associate Member shall pay dues in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws.

Article V – Dues and Fees

Section 1. Dues are established by a majority of the Members present at a General Membership meeting. Dues for Associate Members shall be the same as for Members.

Article VI – Governance

Section 1. The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors.

Section 2. The Directors and their duties shall consist of the following:
a. President: preside over all meetings of the General Membership and Board of Directors; call such meetings; act as general manager of the Association and its affairs.
b. Vice-President: support the President in the management of the Association; in the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform such duties as the President would have performed.
c. Secretary: keep a record of the proceedings of all General Membership meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
d. Treasurer: receive and deposit all monies of the Association in a checking account of a reputable bank; disperse monies as approved by the Board of Directors; prepare detailed accounting reports for each meeting of the General Membership and Board of Directors.
e. Area 2 Representative: communicate with and represent the interests of Eaglesmere Division 2 Members and Associate Members.
f. Area 3 Representative: communicate with and represent the interests of Eaglesmere Division 3 Members and Associate Members.
g. Area 4 Representative: communicate with and represent the interests of Eaglesmere Division 4 Members and Associate Members.
h. Area 5 Representative: communicate with and represent the interests of Eaglesmere Division 5 Members and Associate Members.

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the establishment of broad policies that are in accordance with the Association’s Statement of Purpose in Article II and in response to the concerns and interests of the General Membership.

Section 4. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for directing the implementation of such policies and activities of the Association.

Section 5. Directors shall be Members of the Association, shall be elected at the Annual Meeting, shall take office on the first day of the fiscal year, and term shall be for one year.

Section 6. Should vacancies occur, the Board of Directors will appoint a Member to fill the unexpired term, except that the Vice-President will succeed to President and the Board will then appoint a Vice-President.

Section 7. Any Director may be removed by a majority vote of the Members present at any meeting of the General Membership. A Director who ceases to be a Member of the Association shall cease to be a Director immediately.

Article VII – Meetings

Section 1. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the General Membership during the last quarter of the fiscal year to elect the Directors, report on the finances of the Association, and to conduct any other Association business deemed necessary by the President. Additional meetings of the General Membership may be called by the President to conduct Association business. Director and General Membership representation must be present at a General Membership meeting.

Section 2. Announcement of the time, date, and location of the Annual Meeting and all other meetings of the General Membership shall be given throughout the Horizon Crest Community at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting.

Section 3. All General Membership meetings, including the Annual Meeting, shall be conducted at a location within ten miles of the Horizon Crest Community, during the evening hours unless authorized by a majority of the Members present at the previous meeting.

Section 4. The Board of Directors shall meet monthly or as deemed necessary by the Board.

Section 5. Board of Directors meetings shall be announced and open to the General Membership.

Section 6. The Members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 7. The order of business of the meetings shall be:
1) President’s Opening Remarks
2) Minutes of Previous Meeting
3) Treasurer’s Report
4) Reports of Directors and Committees
5) Unfinished Business
6) Elections
7) New Business
8) Adjournment

Section 8. Each Member shall be entitled to only one vote. The interest of each Member shall be equal to that of any other Member, and no Member can acquire any interest which will entitle him or her to any greater voice, vote, authority or interest in the Association than any other Member.

Section 9. A Member who does not expect to be present at a meeting may mark a ballot, enclose it in a sealed envelope and return it to the Secretary with his or her signature before the meeting, requesting that the said ballot be cast at the time of the vote.

Section 10. Conduct of meetings shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article VIII – Committees

Section 1. Standing committees will be appointed for:
a. Code and Covenant Advisory

Section 2. The Board of Directors may create additional committees and name chairpersons of these committees as deemed necessary to implement the policies and activities of the Association.

Section 3. The duties of the standing committees shall be as follows:
a. The Code and Covenant Advisory Committee shall consist of three or more Members elected for one-year terms at the Annual Meeting. The purpose of the committee is to provide interpretation of applicable codes. The committee may advise Horizon Crest Community residents and/or homeowners regarding the requirements of applicable codes. These codes may include Eaglesmere Division CC&Rs, City of Bellevue Land Use Codes, or other codes or regulations applicable to properties within Horizon Crest Community. The committee is specifically not authorized to enforce any code or require any action of any property owner or resident. Enforcement actions are the responsibility of individual property owners or government entities.

Article IX – Bylaws Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the Members present at any meeting of the General Membership.