Staying Informed

Mailing List

We ask that all residents, HCCA members or not, subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of information pertinent to the entire neighborhood. Only elected officers of HCCA can post to this list. Volume is usually less than three emails per month.

To subscribe to the Horizon Crest Announce mailing list, simply send an email to You will be immediately added to the list.

To unsubscribe at any time, simply send an email to This Unsubscribe link will also be listed at the bottom of every announcement.


We encourage all residents to sign up at It is a vibrant community of neighbors in Horizon Crest and other nearby neighborhoods.

Only verified residents using real names are included, so the discourse is very civil. City agencies (Police, etc.) can post notices, but cannot read posts. There is lots of information on current events, notices of community-wide interest, classifieds, and service provider recommendations. If you choose to get a daily digest, you’ll get only one email a day.

HCCA has no relationship with, we just appreciate it’s role in keeping neighbors connected and informed.

City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue website is an excellent resource. The Emergency Management web page has several Emergency Alerts you can subscribe to.