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Membership Dues

HCCA membership dues for 2021 are now due. If you paid dues in 2020 before we canceled them, that payment has been carried forward to this year. You can check your dues status in this report. You can pay online or by mail from this page.

Annual Meeting

  1. The annual meeting of the HCCA will be virtual this year: Tuesday January 26, 7:00 PM on Zoom:

    The agenda is
    1. President’s Opening Remarks
    2. Minutes of Previous Meeting – Those minutes are here.
    3. Treasurer’s Report – The latest financial report and 2021 Proposed Budget are here.
    4. Reports of Directors and Committees
    5. Unfinished Business
    6. Elections
      1. President – Kurt Lutterman is willing to continue.
      2. Vice-President – Dave Wu is willing to continue.
      3. Secretary – Barb Lisaius is willing to continue.
      4. Treasurer – Cindi Schiel is willing to continue.
      5. Area 2 Rep. – Jorge Molina is willing to continue.
      6. Area 3 Rep. – Duncan Schofield is willing to continue.
      7. Area 4 Rep. –
      8. Area 5 Rep. –
    7. New Business
    8. Adjournment

2021 HCCA Officers

As always, we would love to have additional voices on the board! Especially for Area 4 (East side of the hill, house numbers 15522 or higher, or streets 157 or higher) and Area 5 (SE 49TH Place). The board sets the direction for the neighborhood. We meet not more than once a month, usually for less than an hour.

Free 2020 HCCA Membership

The HCCA Board recognizes this is a financially (and otherwise) difficult time for many neighbors. In light of this, we have decided to waive HCCA membership dues for 2020. So everyone is an HCCA member for 2020!