City of Bellevue Neighborhoods and Development

Prior to the annual meeting last month, City of Bellevue staff gave us some updates on the work of the Neighborhoods department, and development activity in South Bellevue. Those updates are summarized below

Neighborhoods – Mark Heilman, City of Bellevue Neighborhoods

  • Bellevue Essentials is a three-hour course, once a week for nine weeks. The course takes a deep dive into understanding what the city does. President Kurt Lutterman completed the course in 2019.
  • The Neighborhoods group is actively working with Eastgate residents to form an Eastgate neighborhood association like ours.
  • The MyBellevue app for smartphones has lots of useful features for residents including:
    • Report code violations or other issues such as parking enforcement, potholes, graffiti
    • Monitor real-time traffic conditions and cameras
    • Monitor development projects in the area
  • The Neighborhoods group also sponsors Cultural Conversations events.
  • Publishes Neighborhood News. You can see back issues at and subscribe on that page.
  • A concern was shared about the lack of a sidewalk, lighting, and overgrown vegetation on 150TH Avenue leading to our neighborhood.

Development Update – Liz Stead, City of Bellevue Development Services

  • The T-Mobile campus is undergoing some new buildings and walkways.
  • The Factoria Mall is undergoing re-development over the next ten years to include new retail and residential buildings.
  • The permanent men’s homeless shelter will be built on Eastgate Way between the Humane Society and Sunset Corporate Campus. The project is still in its early stages; no permits have been filed yet.
  • A new retail building is being built at Eastgate Plaza between the Shell Station and Washington Federal Bank.
  • The city is closing a gap in the Mountains to Sound Greenway trail in the Eastgate area. New trail is being constructed between I-90 and SE 36TH Street. This first segment will span from Factoria Boulevard to 132ND Avenue SE at the T-Mobile campus. Later segments will extend the trail to Lakemont Boulevard with flyovers at the I-90/150TH Avenue SE interchange. Project details are at
  • The work on the East side of 150TH Avenue from SE 38TH Street to Newport Way to construct a new sidewalk and retaining wall is complete. Work on the West side to add a third Southbound (uphill) lane to 150TH Avenue will start soon. The third lane will be a dedicated right turn onto Newport Way.
  • At about the same time, work will commence to add a new multi-purpose path and bike lane to Newport Way between 150TH Avenue and the South Bellevue Community Center. Horizon Crest residents received a city notice on this project since the Annual Meeting.
  • She encouraged residents to provide input during public meetings and during public comment periods.
  • Residents can receive the Weekly Permit Bulletin which lists all projects in the city that require public notice or public meetings. You can subscribe on the page at