Annual Meeting – Feb. 4, 2020

The annual meeting of the Horizon Crest Community Association will be February 4, 2020 at the Newport Way Library. The time of the meeting will depend on neighborhood feedback on the question below.

The HCCA Board is evaluating if residents would find it helpful to have a special presentation immediately preceding the meeting. The goal is to invite an expert to inform the neighborhood on a topic of interest. The Board has suggested these as possible topics of interest:

  • Emergency Preparedness – We could invite a representative of the City of Bellevue’s Office of Emergency Management to discuss preparedness for earthquakes, winter storms, and practical steps neighbors could take to be better prepared.
  • Crime Prevention and Safety – We could invite a representative from the Bellevue Police Department to discuss crime trends in the area, and how to better protect yourself and your home.
  • Homeless Shelter – We could invite a representative from the City of Bellevue or the shelter non-profit to speak to the plans to build a men’s homeless shelter in the Factoria area.
  • Development Activity – We could invite a representative of the City of Bellevue to discuss planned development in the Cougar Mountain, Eastgate and Factoria areas.

We invite you to give your feedback if any of these areas interest you, or you would rather just have the annual meeting by itself.